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Last Updated: March 28, 2024

Written by Yvonne Greenwood

The government will impose new limits on casino players of £2 per spin for all online slot machines, according to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The £2 limit will apply to under-25s with limits of £5 per spin for anyone over 25.

Such a move has been expected for a while now, especially following the White Paper on gambling reform last year. The news was initially broken by The Guardian before it was confirmed by the DCMS.

Despite the stake limit, there remains no limit on how much gamblers can stake on games in total. However, mandatory affordability checks, if implemented, may limit how much gamblers are able to stake per month.

The repercussions of these limits are being debated in real time far and wide, especially on X (formerly Twitter).

Those opposed to gambling state that the new limits have not gone far enough. Those opposed to gambling reform lament that such laws will have a cobra affect which will witness more UK gamblers visiting black market online casinos, putting such players at further harm.

Online regulators are already failing in their effort to limit the online exposure of websites showcasing ‘non GAMstop casinos’, so it doesn’t look likely that they will be able to limit the exposure of unregulated casinos which won’t have any problems luring players who do not want to be limited on how much they can bet.

The two-stake limits are likely to cost casino companies hundreds of millions of pounds and are the latest regulations effecting online casinos in 2024. Operating costs are expected to increase too. It is also expected that there will be job losses resulting from the stake limits. Casino companies employ thousands of British citizens, and it is the ones which are UKGC licensed which are expected to be hit the most.


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