By Yvonne Greenwood | Expected reading time 2 min

Last Updated: April 11, 2021

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission earlier this week announced a series of new rules for online slot machines in an effort to protect gamblers online.

The new measures, which have been announced as a separate initiative from the Gambling Act Review, will need to be implemented by all online casino operators by 31 October 2021.

The new measures include a ban on the autoplay feature of online slot games. In addition, slot games with spin speeds faster than 2.5 seconds will be banned. Operators must remove features that speed up play or give the illusion of control over the outcome of the game.

Certain images and sounds of online slots will also be banned. Any sounds or imagery which give the impression of a win when the return is in fact equal to or below a stake will be banned.

The reversal of withdrawal option will also be permanently banned. A consultation of this function showed that it presented a risk to players because of the temptation to continue gambling.

Operators will also be forced to clearly display the total losses or wins and time played during any session.

The stricter regulations are being forced in order to make online gambling safer for players. The Commission chief executive Neil McArthur said the following:

“This is another important step in making gambling safer and where the evidence shows that there are other opportunities to do that we are determined to take them.”

The Minister for Sports, Tourism and Heritage Nigel Huddleston agreed that the additional regulations would “help curb the intensity of online gambling.” He added:

“I welcome the Gambling Commission’s tough measures as we continue our comprehensive review of gambling laws to make sure they’re fit for the digital age.”

Last year, lots of gambling operators took part in Safer Gambling Week. This involved gambling operator dedicating a week to safer gambling practices.

In April 2020, the UKGC banned all credit card gambling in the UK. Later on in the year, the Commission also announced it would introduce new rules to irradiate irresponsible VIP customer practices.