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The SlotsHawk team of slots experts brings you independent reviews and recommendations about UK online slots, including insights on where to play, how to play and important industry news. Our team members all have different backgrounds, but what they have in common is their passion for online gambling and slots.


Editor in Chief


Jean is the most experienced writer in our team. With over 10 years of experience in the online casino industry, he is our editor in chief. Jean guides and assists all the writers on SlotsHawk.com, and he oversees everything that is published on the website.

Articles written by Jean Prince


Slots Analyst


Stephen is definitely the most active gambler here at SlotsHawk. He has written close to 400 articles and reviews about UK online slots. Stephen enjoys most forms of gambling, but slots have always been closest to his heart. With a background in mathematics, he likes to analyse slot games from a numbers point of view. RTP, volatility and payouts are therefore metrics that are high up on his priority list when choosing a slot machine.

Stephen has been active as a contributor and writer in the online gambling industry for nearly five years now, but much longer as a player. Ever since he grew up he has enjoyed playing the fruit machines in the arcades. So, whether you are looking for a new slot game to play or want some strategy insights, Stephen has the experience and knowledge to help you.

Articles written by Stephen Cummings


Content Writer


Yvonne is a writer with a passion for gambling. She is our expert when it comes to casino reviews, news and features.

With a background in journalism, Yvonne is our go-to woman for discovering the latest insider news in the industry. She is therefore the right person to ask if you want to know about any updates and changes on the UK online gambling market.

Articles written by Yvonne Greenwood


Guest Contributor


Jon Bryan is a British poker player who is active in discussions and issues related to gambling that affect the interests of the players. He has written several articles on how current and potential future UK gambling regulations may affect online players which you can read here at SlotsHawk.

Articles written by Jon Bryan